‘Where you put your mind and heart into’ – Inspiring Story when renowned author Shiv Khera failed in his 10th Grade

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Shiv Khera is one of the best Motivational speaker as he is known. Shiv Khera led motivation in a whole new way and we can’t deny it. An Indian Author of Self-help books and a professional speaker. Shiv Khera’s book – You Can Win achieved a lot of success on motivational terms. Before becoming a Motivational speaker, Shiv Khera worked as a car washer, an insurance agent and later his whole life changed when he went in a program by Dr Norman Vincent Peale.

Here is an inspiring story about Shiv Khera.

More than studies, Shiv Khera in his school days was more interested in sports. Not being a smart kid in school and always a troubling one, Shiv Khera got failed in 10th standard and he decided to clear it all

In an interview with Telegraph, Shiv Khera stated that, I wasn’t the brightest kid in school. I was a backbencher troubling the frontbencher and eventually I failed in my 10th grade. But then in higher secondary there were only three people who got first division in arts, and I was one of them. So this tells you, where you put your mind and heart into, that’s where you go.

Today Shiv Khera is seeing a much changed life. Focus led him to success and he became a motivation for all people.


  • Life can change any moment irrespective of the situations around you.
  • Motivation comes from within yourself.
  • Put your heart and mind on to what you want.

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