When his Artistic Talent wasn’t recognized by the School & he was thrown out of College – Real Life Stories of Beatles Co-Founder John Lennon

Real Life Stories of Beatles Co-Founder John Lennon
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An English singer and songwriter who co-founded Beatles, John Lennon was the person behind the most commercially successful band in the history of popular music. John Lennon revealed a rebellious nature and acerbic wit in is music, drawings, writing, in interviews and in films. even the anti-war movement took his songs as anthem. The man was the greatest singer of all time and was a hit chart and a hit machine.

About John Lennon.

1Early Life

John Lennon was born in war-time England. John Lennon spent his early years with his mother as his father stay away but sent regular cheques for the need. After some time, his father came back to look after his family and found that his was pregnant with another child’s man, thus Lennon chose his father. Though after some time, he again chose to live with his mother.

2Rest of Childhood

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In the later years of his childhood, John Lennon lived with his aunt and uncle. His uncle bought him a mouth organ. Lennon practiced it and later John Lennon get to learn the banjo. Those were his years when he was introduced to music.

3School Time

His artistic talent wasn’t recognized by the school. They instead drew another conclusion of the boy who has no interests in studies and is certainly a failure who likes to waste other’s people time. Though his comical cartoons appeared in the school magazine.

4Thrown out of College

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John Lennon was thrown out of college. He started wearing teddy boy clothes and was famous for disturbing classes and ridiculing teachers. He was excluded from every course and was threatened with expulsion for his behavior.

5First Guitar

John Lennon got his first which was gifted to him by his mother. His mother knew well of his child and his musical aspirations. She wanted her son to make a living out of it and took it on purpose. It was unfortunate that his mother got killed in an accident.

6First Band

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John Lennon created his first band Quarrymen after Quarry Bank High School. The group played a spirited set of songs, half skill, half rock and half roll. John Lennon continued with the band and he also gave overnight performance but took drugs to keep himself charged.


John Lennon came up with up with his professional experience. He created the bands first single and recorded his debut album in under ten hours. Gradually the Beatles achieved the mainstream success but soon he got concerned as people can’t listen to music over screaming of fans.

8On Live Performance

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There were many live performances going on and on routine during which Lennon felt lost and he thought to leave the band. Also Lennon was taking high drugs which bought him close in erasing his identity. He became under the influence of drugs.


John Lennon returned to his New York Apartment where he was shot four times in back by Mark David Chapman and Lennon was shifted to emergency following the incident where he was declared dead.

10Rebellious Nature

John Lennon had seen much in his life and discovered the facets of society. He commented about his family and other things he has. He described how much music meant to him.

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