What changed Floyd Cardoz’s Mind to become Chef who actually wanted to be a Biochemist, Marine Biologist or Tea Plantation Manager?


Floyd Cardoz is a celebrity chef with famous restaurants in India and the United States. Goan born Floyd has penned several cook books recent one being ‘Flavorwala’. His successful restaurant in India is ‘The Bombay Canteen’. Recently the Top Chef opened one more restaurant called Paowalla in New York. The traditional recipes here is always Indian inspired. He believes that ingredients go a long way in making any recipe a signature dish.

Lets look at how Floyd achieved his dream.

He had not decided his future , he wanted to be a biochemist or maybe even a marine biologist. Else a tea plantation manager. He always wanted to take care of people , an inspiration he got from his granddad who had a hospitality career. A book named ‘The Hotel’ by Arthur Hailey together with the dream of taking care of people actually made him decide to study Hotel Management and from then on there was no looking back ! He realized he loved food and cooking and experimenting with food! He worked hard and today is the culinary perfectionist !

Moral of the Story:

One needs to have single minded dedication and work hard and continuously improve in life.

Strong Conviction is always necessary in achieving perfection.

Even if one is successful we must never forget the our homeland and always do something for one’s own country -that is the ultimate pleasure.

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