True Story – When Indian Captain Cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni fooled night guards into believing that there are ghosts

Pic: Wikimedia / wikiHow

Mahendra Singh Dhoni or MS. Dhoni is very popular Indian cricketer who made many sit up and take notice of his tremendous cricketing skills. He took the world by storm with his fabulous attacking batting and wicket keeping skills ever since his international debut in the year 2004.

Born in the year 1981 in the Ranchi in the state of Bihar this Dhoni did not get everything he wanted but he was determined in his life. Life was not bed of roses for this man from Bihar. It is really surprising that this humble cricketer MS. Dhoni even worked as Travelling Ticket Examiner or TTE. It must be noted that from the years 2001 to 2003 Dhoni was TTE at the Kharagpur railway station and this railway station comes under south eastern railway in Midnapore in West Bengal.

It is superb to note that Dhoni caught the attention of many passengers as a humble honest man but with degree of mischievous nature in him. It is known that he stayed in the railway quarters allotted for him and during that time he and his few friends covered themselves in white coloured bed sheets and walked around the railway quarters.

It shocked and surprised the guards who were present at the night and they thought Dhoni and his friends in white bed sheets as ghosts. It must be noted that this story became famous later.

Now MS. Dhoni might have given up one day and T20 captaincy but he is just 35 years of age and has another three to four years in him to help India win many trophies and inspire many youngsters. Superb MS.Dhoni!!

Moral of the Story: Don’t be too much serious in Life. Sometime it’s important to have fun with friends.

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