This Motivational Story about Mahatma Gandhi Regarding his Lost Shoe is Superb

Pic: Mungpoo News – Representational Pic

Born in the year 1869 in Porbhandar in Gujarat Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was most important leader who fought against British rule and helped India to get its freedom from the clutches of the Britishers.It must be noted that Mahatma Gandhi followed ”Ahimsa” or ”Non-violence” method to get independence for us and in the process inspired many others with his supreme qualities.

There are many stories in his life that inspire us now and some of these stories have been sensational. One such story that happened in the life of Mahatma Gandhi that is still spoken in great esteem is about his shoes.

It must be noted that he once was travelling across India by train and when he left the car in which he was travelling his one shoe feel down on the tracks.

At this juncture most of us would go and get the shoe that had fallen but not this Mahatma Gandhi. What he did that day surprised many around him.

It is worthy to mention that Mahatma Gandhi instead of trying to get his shoe that had fallen on the tracks threw his another shoe near the one he lost on the railway tracks.

People around him questioned why he did that and Mahatma Gandhi told that one who finds his first show would get the second shoe also and he could wear those.

The above incident clearly shows Mahatma Gandhi’s helping nature and his concern for others. Great!!

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