This is how India’s Famous Car Designer Dilip Chhabria Turned His Hobby into Profession

Pic: Wikimedia

Dilip Chhabria is the famous Indian car designer and the founder of DC Design. His first product was a horn for the car Premier Padmini which was an instant hit. He designed and manufactured DC Avanti, considered India’s first supercar. He is also an accomplished painter and sculptor.

Lets see his path to successful designer !

He come from an affluent family with blessed parents who fulfilled most of his wishes. He loved cars since his childhood days would doodle on every surface at home. His father was into buying cars and changing it periodically as well.

After graduating with a commerce degree, he was not sure what to do next ,when he chanced upon a magazine devoted to cars with an advertisement titled, ‘Do You Want To Be A Car Designer?’

That was it , he just wanted to be one , convert his hobby into a career.  He applied to the Automotive Design Arts Center, California, and majored in transportation design.

He also worked for General Motors briefly, though he was not fully enjoying it. He wanted to design ! He took the entrepreneurial plunge and started developing and designing unique creations.

Learnings from the Story

Always do what you love and then the job turns into a passion and earning becomes seamless . Job then is no longer a working day .

Once we follow our passion it automatically breeds its own success and becomes the  vision that drives every facet of the organization.

We need to have special kind of zeal and courage to follow the vision.

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