Story about Shreeram Lagoo – When he failed in class fourth

Story about Shreeram Lagoo – When he failed in class fourth
Pic: ScoopWhoop

Shreeram Lagoo is a very well-known Indian film and theatre actor, in Hindi and Marathi. Here we are sharing one amazing story about his childhood which he shared with This story is about failure.

Initially, he was doing his schooling from Municipality School. While in class fourth, Dr. Lagoo remembers he having failed in Marathi subject. The Headmaster of Municipal School called his father and said, “If you want your son to get a good education I would rather suggest to have him exit from this Municipality School and have him take admission in some other good school. However, as he has failed in the class fourth I would also advise that he sits for class fourth once again”.

His father being Doctor by profession was ferociously busy in his schedule and as such was not able to take studies for his son. However, the words of the Headmaster did convince him. Finally, his father took admission for him in Bhave School, Pune.

Whether we pass or fail, everything becomes memorable in life.

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