Short Stories, Incidents of Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s Life which makes him a great leader and a most humble person

Pic: Wikimedia

Selling tea

It is said that when Narendra Modi was in school he used to sell tea with his father on Vadnagar Railway station.

Foods stall for flood victims

It is said that when Narendra Modi was nine years old there were floods in some parts of Gujarat. Young Narendra along with some of his friends arranged a food stall to help flood victims.

Sacrifice of personal life

Narendra Modi always wanted to do something for his country. When he was around eighteen years old he left home and started devoting himself for social work.

Paying his own expenses

It is reported in lot of reports in media that as a Prime Minister, Narendra Modi pays every single penny from his pocket for his personal expenses including his food and clothes.

Setting the mic right for a village woman

During a function, a village woman was about to speak but the mic had some problem and the lady was not audible. Modi stood from his chair and adjusted the mic.

Speaking his mind and heart

It is often seen that politicians read pre written speeches but Narendra Modi prefers to speak what he likes. He rarely uses pre written speeches.

Gas connections for poor

Modi requested rich and upper middle class people to give up their gas subsidy so the new connections could be given to poor people. More than 10 million people gave up their gas subsidy after PM’s request.

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