Short Stories about Draupadi – The Women who took her Revenge on the whole of Hastinapura

Short Stories about Draupadi – The Women who took her Revenge on the whole of Hastinapura
Pic: The Hindu perspective

Draupadi is often described as the root cause of the Mahabharata. There came a time in the ancient epic when she was born and it was said that the woman will changed the destiny of whole of Aryavarta and it happened. She got insulted, humiliated and her humiliation led to the greatest of all wars, Mahabharata.

Here are some stories about Draupadi.

1Birth Story

The episode of Draupadi’s birth started when Arjuna on the order of Dronacharya defeated King Drupada of Panchal. To gain revenge on Drona, Drupada performed a holy ritual, a yagya from which Draupadi was born from fire.


Draupadi took birth from fire and the purpose was very clear, revenge but however when she was born, there happened a forecast that the girl will changed the destiny of whole of Aryavarta and will be the only reason of the destruction of the Kuru clan.


Drupada wanted Draupadi to marry Arjuna and for this he organised a big Swayamvara in which Arjuna came along with other Pandavas in the form of Brahmins. The challenge was to hit the fish eye and whomsoever will do it will win Draupadi’s hand. Arjuna married Draupadi.

4After Marriage

When Draupadi was presented before Kunti who was busy in some work without seeing Draupadi ordered that whatever Arjuna have brought must be divided amongst five brothers equally and thus Draupadi became Panchali.

5Krishna’s Words

Krishna explained Draupadi that in her earlier life, she prayed God Shiva to grant a husband who is a skilled warrior, an epitome of truth, a one who can protect her and one who can love her. It was her last birth wish that got completed in the form of five husbands.

6Earned Krishna’s Praise

During the ceremony at Indraprastha, Krishna Killed Shishupal for creating a chaos in the ceremony. But in the process of using his Sudarshan Chakra, Krishna’s finger got a cut. Draupadi tore a piece of her saree and tied it to Krishna’s finger.

7Duryodhana’s Insult

Mayasura built Indraprastha in such a way that the palace looked magical from every corner and Duryodhana was highly impressed with the structure of the palace and roaming around, he didn’t notice the water in between. As he fell down, Draupadi started laughing hard calling him the son of a blind.

8Draupadi’s humiliation

Duryodhana wanted to take revenge on Draupadi and hence planned a game of dice in Hastinapura in which one by one, all the Pandavas lost the game and Draupadi was brought as a slave. Over there, Duryodhana tried to un cloth her but Krishna saved her.


Draupadi took to revenge, especially on Dushashan. He was the one who tried to make Draupadi naked in the assembly. After Bhima killed Dushashan, Draupadi washed her hairs with Dushashan’s blood.

10The killing of Ashwatthama

Ashwatthama killed Draupadi’s five sons and she ordered Pandavas to find and kill Ashwatthama and take revenge and if they didn’t do so she would fast herself to death. Ashwatthama finally got lifeless in the hands of Bhima.

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