Short Motivational Stories of Mahatma Gandhi’s Life which shows his Sense of Humor

Pic: Wikimedia

Mahatma Gandhi always believed that one can’t be serious all the times. Alongwith discipline one needs sense of humor as well. He himself said:

If it was not for my sense of humour, I would have died long back.

We all know about Bapu’s simplicity. He was never interested in materialistic things. He never ran after money. He was so simple that he used to travel in lowest possible category. Once one reporter asked Bapu ji.

“Why do you always choose to travel by third class in a train.” To this Gandhi replied:

“Simply, because there is no fourth class as yet.”

“Mr. Gandhi do you think you are properly dressed to meet the King.” He was asked when he was going for a round table conference in England. To this Bapu replied:

“Do not worry about my clothes. The King has enough clothes on for both of us.”

Once again, a reporter asked Gandhiji, “Is it true that one’s food habits affect one’s character. For example, you drink only goat’s milk. Does it affect your character?

Gandhiji retorted, “My dear young man, just now I had a glass of goat’s milk. Now I feel an itching sensation at my temples. May be horns are about to emerge. So pack off and run for your safety.”

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