Shocking Story – When Famous Indian Singer Lata Mangeshkar was given Slow Poison by someone

Shocking Story – When Famous Indian Singer Lata Mangeshkar Slow Poison
Pic: Wikimedia

Lata ji is one of the famous and most respected Indian playback singers. She has been singing from many decades.

Very few people would know that Lata Mangeshkar was given slow poison by someone in 1960’s. This is what has been shared on Wikipedia regarding this shocking incident.

In the early 1962 she was given slow poison. The doctor was called. He came with an x-ray machine to check her, and gave her an injection to render her unconscious, because She was in pain.

For three days, She had a close brush with death. After ten days, she began to recover. The doctor told her that somebody gave her slow poison. The slow poison incident rendered her very weak.

She was bed-ridden for nearly 3 months. The most surprising thing was that soon after the incident, the cook who used to work at Lataji’s home, suddenly vanished without taking his wages. The cook had earlier worked with some Bollywood people.

Bollywood lyricist Majrooh Sultanpuri used to regularly visit Lataji at her home daily at 6 pm. Majrooh used to first taste the food and then allow Lata to eat. He used to recite poems and stories to keep Lata in good humour.

As reported by, in her book “Aisa kahan se laaoon”, Padma Sachdev, who used to be a regular at Lata’s recordings, writes:

Lataji revealed this to me. She told me, she was 33 years old in 1962. One early morning, she had a severe pain in her stomach, and she vomitted greenish clear liquid twice or thrice. She said, she was not in a position to move her limbs, and her entire body was in pain.

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