Pran Kumar Sharma – Motivational Life Stories of Indian cartoonist, the creator of Chacha Chaudhary & many others

Pran Kumar Sharma – Motivational Life Stories of Indian cartoonist, the creator of Chacha Chaudhary & many others
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Who does not remember the famous Chacha Chaudhary comic books, the character who mind was faster than computers and his friend Sabu from another planet. The comic book that entertained us through our childhood and behind every Chacha Chaudhary comic book, there stands a man known a Pran Kumar Sharma. He was the creator of our childhood.

Here are some interesting stories of the creator.

1Early Life and Education

Pran Kumar Sharma was born in Kasur, now in Pakistan. His education is completed with a Master of Arts degree (Political Science). Afterwards, Pran Kumar Sharma also completed a four year course in fine arts from Sir J.J. School of Arts, Mumbai.

2Interest in Cartoons

Form his childhood, he was interested in drawing cartoons but never thought of it as a career option. but he was highly inspired by the legendary cartoonists like R.K. Laxman and K. Shankar Pillai who were self taught, this encouraged him to consider cartooning as an career option.

3The Cartoon Bug

Pran’s cartoons had already find a place in his college magazines and other platforms after which he declared to his family that he is going to be a cartoonist and will take the same career path. The cartoon had risen in him like a storm.

4The Struggle Period

The decision wasn’t easier for Pran Kumar Sharma of being a cartoonist. Those days, the concept of comic wasn’t there so Pran had to realise on newspapers and he started approaching some and soon newspapers published his cartoon and his name got popularity.

5Association with Diamond Comics

Diamond Comics contacted Pran and wanted to compile his comics into book forms and he was taken in. The payment structure was also good and hence Pran Kumar Sharma agreed to give more concepts to Diamond Comics. Afterwards. Pran slowly became a household name.

6Related Characters

Pran while he created comic characters kept one thing in mind that children’s could easily connect to his created characters and hence he described a very normal life. The concept behind natural characters was very simple, Pran never wanted to show un real things.

7Bringing Chacha Chaudhary

Unlike superheroes, Pran always wanted to establish and create a character that could easily connect and does not look copy of western countries, Hence came Chacha Chaudhary, an entirely Indian character who strength is his common sense. He is the man who solved all kinds of problems.

8Getting Sabu

Bringing Sabu in was the purpose to help Chacha Chaudhary in every case. Sabu was a tall man who has immense power and can control anyone. Pran created the character keeping in mind a friendly bond between Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu.

9Creating funny names

As per Pran, creating characters was one thing which initially took a long time and then there were name which should fit the character. Pran took a long time and thinking on various names and thus came up with names like Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu.

10Biggest Achievement

According to the legend, his biggest ever achievement was that he was able to bring smile on people’s faces and provided them high entertainment through his comic world. He is still considered as the father of Indian Comics.

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