Pragya Jaiswal – Her Struggle Story will inspire you to keep trying your luck until you succeed

Pic: Wikimedia

Most of us get scared from the struggle phase. But friends, success doesn’t come without struggle. One needs to keep their focus and dedication towards their goal.

Here we are sharing success story of model and actress Pragya Jaiswal. She talked about these things while discussing with telugu360.

I was born in Madhya Pradesh and we moved to Pune later. My schooling, college and modelling started there.

I did not take it seriously and also my family is remotely connected with cinema but for some distant relative.

Acting and modelling were never career options. It has been a natural progression. I had it in me but I didn’t know I could do it.

At last, with my family’s permission, I could actually take a step towards it. I was always a dancer and would perform plays in school and college.

Since I was into modelling, many doors opened and that’s how the journey began . In films, you never know what works out, when and how.

For me, it all just happened, there was never so much planning and strategising. I had actually auditioned for Gabbar Is Back and it never happened.

One day, I got a call from the producer Rajeev Reddy. Maybe, Krish sir had me in the back of his mind as he liked my audition.

I was very excited and I have seen quite a few friends in South films doing very well. For me, language is not a big deal as long as you are doing good work.

I had to audition again for the Telugu film though the first audition helped. I did a small film in Hindi and Telugu and that time I did not know I wanted to really act.

That little experience helped me understand the technicalities of film shoot.

Hope this story will inspire you to continue doing good work.

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