Poonam Pandey – Interesting Story when she said casually that if India wins the World Cup, she will go nude

Pic: Wikimedia

Poonam Pandey is famous Internet sensation. She also loves to be in news. She has tremendous fan following on social media. While talking to Rediff.com sometime back she talked about what happened actually when she announced that she will go nude if India wins the World cup.

I never thought of getting into any controversies. I just said casually that if India wins the World Cup, I will go nude. I was just 19 then. Yes, I did say that in front of the media but I did not expect it to backfire.

I was just a cricket fan. I wasn’t even born when India got their first World Cup in 1983. That year (2011), it looked like we were getting the World Cup back to India. Everyone was excited and doing so many things, I just took one step ahead and said I will strip.

My parents were not very happy, and I faced problems at home. I was not some high society girl, but from Mulund and my neighbours looked at me like I had sinned. I had to face my parents’ anger.

I still said that if the BCCI gives permission, I will still strip. I am very stubborn and believe that if one has said something like this, one can’t back out. I still say if BCCI had allowed me to, I would have stripped naked.

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