Nidhi Subbaiah: Motivational Story of Indian film actress who once wanted to be ‘Sailor’

Nidhi Subbaiah Motivational Story of Indian film actress who once wanted to be ‘Sailor’
Pic: MrPopat

Every one of us sees dreams but very few people are able to fulfill their dreams. There can be many reasons for not chasing our own dreams.

Here we are talking about Indian actress Nidhi Subbaiah. She wanted to be sailor but ended up becoming model and film actress.

While speaking to Filmfare in an interview, the actress shared:

I used to be a sailor. I was really good at that sport. Considering I come from Coorg, Karnataka, I represented the state at the international level and won two gold medals. I did want to take it up professionally. But after hearing my parents and elders out, I realised there wasn’t much money in that sport. In India, only tennis, badminton and cricket can earn you money. Sadly, sailing doesn’t. So I had to give it up. Now I prefer to keep it as my hobby.

 In the second year of engineering in Bangalore, I started modelling. I also did a couple of advertisements and then came the downpour of movie offers from the South Indian film industry. I got offers from the Mumbai, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu industries. And since I just wanted to break free from my engineering course, I grabbed the opportunity.

Anyway she has become successful now.

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