Napoleon Bonaparte’s Life Stories, French Military and Political Leader

Napoleon Bonaparte’s Life Stories, French Military and Political Leader
Pic: William Dietrich

He rose to prominence during French Revolution and led several successful campaigns during the French Revolutionary wars. He was Napoleon Bonaparte, the Emperor of the French who dominated European and Global affairs for more than an decade. There were majority of battles that he owned in his name and consequently build a large empire that ruled over Continental Europe. He has his place in History as one of the greatest commanders and one of the most celebrated and controversial leaders in Human history.

Here are short stories about him.


Napoleon Bonaparte was actually named as Napoleone Di Buonaprte, which was his Uncle’s name who was supposed to be call Napoleone who unfortunately didn’t survived and he got his name. Later in his Twenty’s he adopted Napoleon Bonaparte.


Napoleon was in the French Army where he served as an Artillery Officer. Later he returned to his birth place, Corsica to start a political career but he soon returned to Military and his ranks rose and he ended up as a Commander.

The Attacker

At the Siege of Toulon, Napoleon Bonaparte took up a plan to take up on a hill with the purpose to dominate City’s harbor with Republican guns and can also at the same time wipe the British with force. He was then promoted to Brigadier General.

Napoleon Bonaparte’s Life Stories, French Military and Political Leader
Pic: The Independent

House Arrest

According to a fact, Napoleon Bonaparte was under house arrest and the only reason stated was his association with Robespierres but Napoleon’s secretary disputed the allegations made in memoirs. According to his secretary, Jealousy was responsible between the Army of Alps and Italy.

The Italian Campaign

Bonaparte took charge of the Army of Italy and defeated the forces of Piedmont before Austrian allies could act and after this victory, Bonaparte took Austrian allies and knocked them out too by breaking their every single effort.


Bonaparte wanted to be emerged as a strong ruler and thus he carried out many strategies which make him one. once, Bonaparte decided that France’s Naval power wasn’t strong enough to took over British Royal Navy and this took to Egypt with a military expedition to seize the country. The purpose was to establish a French presence in the Middle East.

Napoleon Bonaparte’s Life Stories, French Military and Political Leader

Way to France

Bonaparte knew that France had been not so successful in the wars it fought and thus had been successfully defeated in a series of war of second coalition and Bonaparte took advantage of this and immediately he took his journey to France.


Napoleon Bonaparte had fought many wars and in every war he fought, Bonaparte applied a risk campaign strategy and invaded the French invasions and it took him only a month to mark his goals.

Assassination Plots

Being a wish for a strong ruler, Bonaparte wished to expand his power and for this, he used assassination plots that was once used against him. He used them to prove the imperial system creation based on the Roam model.

Napoleon Bonaparte’s Life Stories, French Military and Political Leader
Pic: History


Bonaparte was on the island of Saint Helena in the Atlantic Ocean and from there to Longwood House where he mentioned about his living conditions in letters to Governors. The British Government was trying to hasten his death.

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