Motivational Train Story of Swami Vivekananda – When Swamiji Stunned Two Englishmen

Pic: NRI

While Swamiji was travelling by train, in Rajasthan an interesting incident took place. He was resting in a second class compartment.

Two Englishmen were profusely hurling abuses at him. They were under the impression that the Swami did not know English.

When the train reached the station, Swamiji asked an official, in English, for a glass of water.

The Englishmen were surprised; they asked Swamiji why he was silent though he could understand them.

Swamiji snapped back, “This is not the first time I have met fools.”

The Englishmen were enraged, but  Swamiji’s formidable physique silenced them.

Lessons to Learn from this Story:

Never underestimate anyone.

No one has any right to insult anyone.

If you know something don’t feel too much proud about it.