Motivational Train Story of Swami Vivekananda – When a merchant tried to insult him

Pic: Wikipedia

During his travel, Swamiji could travel by train only if somebody bought him his ticket. Otherwise, he had to travel on foot. He had to starve most of the time for he had no money.

Once it happened that a merchant travelling with him was helping himself to varieties of eatables.

Swamiji was hungry and tired. But he did not beg for food.

The merchant spoke to him tauntingly and said, “You are an idler. You wear the saffron clothes only because you do not want to work. Who will ever feed you? Who cares if you die?”

Just then, a sweetmeat seller offered Swamiji some eatables and said, “I saw you in my dream this morning. The Lord Sri Rama himself introduced you to me.”

The haughty merchant was put to shame when he saw all this.

Lessons to Learn from this Story:

We always need people who can guide the society.

Some people sacrifice their life to help others. It’s not an ordinary thing to do.

No one has any right to object to what others do.

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