Motivational Story: When Rata Tata explained why small sacrifice for Blood Donation is important

Pic: Wikimedia / Pinterest

Directly from the legend, Ratan Tata who is known for his outstanding contribution with Tata industries, Tata Motors has another outstanding contribution in the list and this is much effective. In each of the Tata Motors premises and in every single plant of Tata, each one has a Blood Bank in it. Inside the Tata Motors premises in Jamshedpur, there is a Blood Bank and then in other plants. This is something to learn from the legend. Under this, if one donates a bottle of blood, then the employee will avail the leaves from the company.

The rule of donating a blood is also undertaken in Tata Steel too. As the services from the organisation for leaves continues for every employee who donates blood and take leaves, Tata never came in shortage for leaves.

One employee donates one bottle of blood, he gets a day off and also he can take extra leaves within seven days of donating blood but this causes the loss of man hours.

In an interview, Ratan Tata said about this, “Encouragement is something I don’t need to teach you. Only a few people donate because they want to. Talking about man-hours, we may be losing some man-hours doing that, but have you ever thought of the number of man-hours that get added to the person’s life who receives that blood in the time of necessity? I am ready to sacrifice some of our man-hours for the better good of humanity.”

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