Motivational Story – When Chanakya broke his teeth


One fine day Chanakya’s mother while looking at him started crying.

Seeing this he asked her “Mother, why are you crying?”

She replied, ” It is your destiny to be a king. This thought makes me cry.

Confused and stunned Chanakya asked his mother to be contented about it.

His mother replied “I am crying imagining the future. After you become a king you will forget your old mother, beloved son yogis. Kings don’t bother about their relationships and I am weeping thinking of my misfortune.

Chanakya since childhood was of an inquizzitive nature and so he questioned “how are you so sure about me becoming a king in the future?”

His mother told him that it was because of his front teeth which makes it sure that he will become a king.

Chanakya thought for a little while. Although he did not believe in what his mother said but he loved his mother very much and couldn’t watch her cry.

He picked up a stone and broke his frontal teeth and said “Now I won’t be a king. I have broken my teeth. I  can give up everything but not you mother. I am prepared to let go all the luxuries and leisure that a king has but I can’t leave you. Even if I lose all the aristocracy nothing would be lost but if I lose you, everything would be lost. What would I do then? Who would make up for this loss?”

Seeing his young boy talking in such a manner made Chanakya’s mother proud and he hugged him tight.

Since that day Chanakya is known as “Khand Dant”.

Moral of the Story: Nothing can change your destiny. Chanakya didn’t become king but he was none less than a king.