Motivational Story – This is what Astronaut Sunita Williams feels about being at Space Station

Pic: Wikimedia

Sunita Williams is famous American Astronaut. She is role model for many women and young aspirants who want to work on space missions.

An interview is published on NASA website where she was asked about whether she gets scared being at space station, she answered the following.

Sometimes, when there are strange noises on the Station. It is a machine, so we generally hear pumps moving, air flowing, computer noises – just like on a ship. However, every now and then there are little weird noises and I wonder what it is. I don’t know, but sometimes I think about what would happen if we got hit with a meteorite – how would the protective covering on the outside Station work.

I also know that there are hundreds of folks on the ground who, even while we are sleeping, are watching and monitoring the Station for any mechanical problems. If we had some problem, they would alert us so we could make sure everything was safe. So, in general I am not scared of being up here.

Space is not yet fully explored. We are sure people like Sunita will someday let us know everything about Space.

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