Motivational Story – This is how Kiran Bedi reduced Crime rate in Delhi with a “beat box” system

Pic: South Report

Kiran Bedi was known as an honest and hardworking Police officer. This is truth that not many people liked her especially those who didn’t want her to perform her job ‘so honestly’. No matter what positions or responsibilities she was give, she performed her job with all the innovation and out of box thoughts. Here we are sharing a small story as how she reduced crime rate in Delhi in her area.

In 1979, Bedi was posted to Delhi’s West District, where there were not enough officers to handle the high volume of criminal activity. To compensate, she started recruiting civilian volunteers. Each village in the district was night patrolled by six civilians led by an armed policeman. She enabled anonymous reporting of any knowledge about crimes. She clamped down on bootlegging and the illicit liquor business to reduce crimes in the area. Bedi implemented an open door policy, which encouraged citizens to interact with her.

She implemented a “beat box” system: a complaint box was installed in each ward, and the beat constables were instructed to have their lunch near this box at a set time each day. She regularly asked people if they knew about the beat constable assigned to their area, and also walked with the constables to raise their self-esteem. Within 3 months, there was a reduction in crimes. There was a drop in cases related to “eve teasing” (sexual harassment of women) and wife beating. This gained her the goodwill of local women, who also volunteered their services to help fight crime in the area.

This is true in case of Kiran Bedi that whatever she does, she do it in her own way and that’s why she is so successful.

Moral of the Story: Things may look tough but find your own way to handle things. There’s nothing which is not controllable.

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