Motivational Story on Nationalism – When Kavi Pradeep had to go underground to avoid arrest

Motivational Story on Nationalism – When Kavi Pradeep had to go underground to avoid arrest
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We all know Kavi Pradeep as a legendary Indian poet and songwriter who is best known for his patriotic song Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo.

He contributed for India’s freedom also and here’s an interesting story to read about him from Wikipedia.

Kismet was his groundbreaking effort since it came at the time of the “Quit India” movement. The country was in strife with all national leaders in prison. He cleverly wrote the song “Aj Himalay Ki Choti Se Phir Hum Ne Lalkara Hai”.

The song was supposed to warn the Axis powers, but the Indian public understood the real meaning of the song. Almost synonymous to the song (phir means again in Hindi), the reel would be rewound and played many times to satisfy public demand. Theatres around the country were resounded with “once more” calls once the song ended.

The reel had to be rewound and the song was screened again and again. Kismet made box office history for its time by running for 3½ years in one theatre. Though the song managed to pass through heavy censorship of the time, the British soon realised the true meaning of his songs and issued a warrant for his arrest. This forced Kavi Pradeep to go underground to avoid arrest.

He continued his patriotic zeal with renewed vigour after independence in movies such as Jagriti with a song considered to be his tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, “De Dee Humein Azadi Bina Khadag Bina Dhal.” His songs for children are still played throughout the country on 14th Nov., Children’s Day, “Hum laye hain toofan se kishti nikal ke” and “Insaaf ki dagar pe.”

We survive today because of the efforts made by people like Kavi Pradeep

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