Motivational Story of Swami Vivekananda when abroad – When a Young Boy Impressed Swamiji with his Patriotism

Pic: What’s Up Life

It is said that once Swami Vivekananda was travelling abroad.

He wanted to eat a particular fruit but couldn’t find it.

Swamiji was talking to himself saying “It may be possible that this fruits is not available in this country”.

A young boy overheard what Swamiji said. He ran away and after some time came with a basket full of fruits which Swamiji was looking for.

Giving that basket full of fruits to Swamiji the boy said “Sir, you can have this fruit. But please don’t say that this is not available in this country. In this country everything is available.”

Swamiji gracefully accepted that fruit basket and thanked the boy. He was highly impressed with his patriotic skills.

Learning from this Story:

Always help others.

Everything is possible if we take help from others.

Always do things which can raise respect of your country.