Motivational Story of Swami Vivekananda – Image Worship

Pic: India Today

All of us do believe in something. Our beliefs are of different kind. Most of us do believe in images especially of those related to God.

Here we are sharing an interesting story when Indian Spiritual Guru Swami Vivekananda taught a king about the image worship. Here’s the short story.

Swamiji reached Alwar in February 1891, met the Maharaja of the place, and discussed with him the various problems of India. This Maharaja was not a believer in image worship. One day the Swami asked some of his subordinates in the presence of the Maharaja, to spit upon the ruler’s photograph, saying    that it was, after all, only paper. This horrified the subordinates, and it brought home to the Maharaja the rationale of image worship.

Moral of the Story: Belief is very important in life. Some things are beyond science.