Motivational Story of Mahatma Gandhi’s Life when he was thrown out of Train in South Africa & he decided to fight against this inhuman color discrimination

Pic: NewsDog

As he is known, Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi) who led a great freedom fight and described a hero definition. He was the personality who taught us that how to live without fear and keep ourselves free from bonds. Regarded as a hero who inspired many. Before he started the great freedom movement, he fought color discrimination.

It’s known by all that he was threw out of the train for having sitting in the first class compartment and from there it all started.

“Mohan was sent to England to study law. After study, he became lawyer in India. For a case, he visited South Africa. Those days there was discrimination between white and color people. He was ill-treated by a British who threw him out of first class compartment of a train. It was very humiliating experience. He decided to fight against this inhuman color discrimination by British and came back to India.” The incident was published in your story.

Gandhi led a great fight against this color discrimination and given hope to many people.

Motivational Lessons from this Story:

Fight against what stands for injustice.

Never ever support evil.

Be the change you want to see.

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