Motivational Story of Kiran Bedi – When she inaugurated a bridge herself in Goa to help commuters

Pic: Quora

This is true that our politicians mostly work for votes. They don’t care about public. They always look to get credit for whatever they do or don’t do. Here we are sharing a story about Kiran Bedi when she opened a bridge herself in Goa to help commuters which made many politicians angry.

Bedi arrived in Goa in March 1983, on a three-year assignment. A few months after her arrival, the Zuari Bridge was completed but not opened to public; the state government wanted Indira Gandhi to come from Delhi and inaugurate it formally. However, they were not able to secure confirmation from Indira Gandhi for several days.

The public had to use ferries to transfer their vehicles across the Zuari River. One day, during a patrol, Bedi noticed that there was a huge mess at the ferry boarding point. She drove to the bridge, removed the blockades and diverted the traffic waiting at ferry to the bridge. This unofficial inauguration angered many politicians.

That’s great Kiran Bedi. Politicians say they work for people but that’s always doubtful.

Moral of the story: Work for people. Sometime it’s good to take self-decisions to help people.

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