Motivational Story of Kiran Bedi – Sometime you pay the price for being honest

Pic: FullyIndia

This is true that in a country like India, honest people suffer more than the corrupt. There are many people who want to work with utmost sincerity but the system becomes a big hurdle. Here we are sharing story of Kiran Bedi as how she paid the huge price for being honest. This is what is reported on Wikipedia.

Bedi did not spare errant motorists from the rich and influential section of the society, which resulted in a powerful lobby against her. Her victims included the Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation and her own sister-in-law.

After the Asian Games were over, she was transferred to Goa for 3 years. According to contemporary rumors, some politicians played a role in her transfer. According to another theory, the loss of revenue resulting from her experiment of holding classes for traffic violators (instead of fining them) was a major factor in her transfer.

Her 7-year-old daughter suffered from nephritic syndrome since the age of 3, and was seriously ill at the time. Bedi requested the Home Ministry to not to transfer her out of Delhi until her daughter’s condition became stable. According to Bedi, she had put herself in a “very vulnerable situation”, and the only people who could help her were the ones “who had been offended by my ‘equal enforcement of law'”. Her request was not entertained, and she had to leave behind her daughter, who was too ill to accompany her.

Today’s generation may know contributions of Kiran Bedia but no doubt as long as she served in police service she was one of the most capable and honest police officer. She is still continuing social service through various initiatives.

Moral of the Story: It’s not easy to be honest. But honesty will give you maximum satisfaction at your heart.

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