Motivational Story of Astronaut Sunita Williams – Floating now just feels as easy as walking down the hallway


Sunita Williams is famous American Astronaut. She is role model for many women and young aspirants who want to work on space missions.

An interview is published on NASA website where she was asked about her experience on floating in space because of zero gravity. This is what she shared.

It takes a while to get used to for sure. At first we were all bumping into things and flying around out of control. We were also losing a lot of things, because they just float away. But I’ve gotten used to it now. Floating now just feels as easy as walking down the hallway.

I am used to Velcro-ing everything down and even leaving things float in front of me because my eyes can now pick up their small motion as they start to float away. I think we have all slowed down a bit, making us less likely to float out of control.

This seems quite amazing and every one of us would like to do that.