Life Stories of Sudhir Tailang – The Man known for his Political Cartoons

Life Stories of Sudhir Tailang – The Man known for his Political Cartoons
Pic: Odisha Samaya

The famous political cartoons which contains master interplay of lines and words, is made by none other than, Sudhir Tailang. A self taught cartoonist who was awarded Padamshri earlier in 2004 for his contribution to the art of cartooning. Cartoons is his Excellency and he is the master, he put a comic spin on things.

Here are life stories of Sudhir Tailang.

1Early Life of Sudhir Tailang

Sudhir Tailang was born and brought up in Bikaner. Sudhir Tailang’s childhood is not that strange. Like any other child who likes to draw and loves to read comics, such as Sudhir Tailang who was more interested in drawings and comics and also it was favorite of him.

2The First cartoon

Sudhir Tailang’s first cartoon got published when he was ten years old and then continous publishing earned him a good source of pocket money which ultimately boosted his confidence. Sudhir Tailang decided that he want to be a cartoonist.

3Offbeat Career Path

Sudhir Tailang when taken the path of being a cartoonist apart from being an MBA or an engineer but he chose to be an cartoonist which was totally a different path but this was his interest. Cartoons like Phantom, Mandrake and Flash Gordon became his inspiration to be a cartoonist.

4First Career

The very first work of Sudhir Tailang depicted the school work and the interaction between teachers and the students, family life and friends playing. He got more assignments from his first work and he started making more and cartoons, earning money.

5First Job

He got his first job with Times of India Group in Mumbai. There he was posted in the illustrated weekly column. Sudhir Tailang started doing cartoons for all the publications of the group including Economic Times and the Filmfare.

6Choosing the Beat

Sudhir Tailang became a political cartoonist and basically covered all areas like sports and entertainment and other areas which were of the interest to public and then it was the interest to Sudhir Tailang also. He captured all what was happening around the world.

7The cartoon Process

Once chose the subject, Sudhir Tailang decided on which subject and what topic he will chose and then get to the work on it. According to Sudhir Tailang, every cartoon he design takes about ten hours a day. The cartoons that Sudhir Tailang does is his of own choice.

8Putting the humorous way

Sudhir Tailang though was a political cartoonist and is especially a political commentator but he always put a comic spin on his cartoon things. He presents them in a humorous way which appealed to all. He drew cartoons of politicians like Dr. Manmohan Singh and others.

9Creating own style

Sudhir Tailang while creating cartoons has defined his own style and own approach while creating characters and how he differentiates them with others. He creates his own establishment while creating each character.


According to Sudhir Tailang, a hard-hitting cartoon is always necessary and a good cartoon always has an edge over any long article. He likes to convey his idea in a nut shell.

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