Life Journey and Stories from Life of Famous Indian Lyricist, Screenwriter, Poet and Marketer Prasoon Joshi

Life Journey and Stories from Life of Famous Indian Lyricist, Screenwriter, Poet and Marketer Prasoon Joshi
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Prasoon Joshi, an Indian lyricist, Screenwriter and an ad-guru. In the early age of his career, Prasoon Joshi had written all the classic ads of Coca-Cola that featured Aamir Khan. Over the years, Prasoon Joshi had been a successful lyrics writer for films like Fanaa and Taare Zameen Par and proved himself as a brilliant lyrics writer. Prasoon Joshi is now a renowned writer of Bollywood.

Here are some stories about him.


Prasoon Joshi was raised in Almora and earlier years were spent in Almora and Nainital and they gave Prasoon a remarkable feel for the real Indian pulse. His parents were also qualified classical vocalists and Prasoon Joshi grew up in a musical environment.

2Musical Culture Environment

Prasoon Joshi grew up in the ambience of music since his parents were also classical vocalists and thus he was marked with academic discipline, a rich vein of the artistic life and a strong sense of music and culture. Prasoon Joshi soon took up to writing.

3Exposure to Books

Prasoon Joshi’s father served on the post of education officer which benefited Prasoon Joshi. He had an access to libraries. He would go and sit there for hours and read all kinds of books. Prasoon Joshi took benefit of this unfair access.

4The Impact of Books

At a very early age, Prasoon Joshi’s exposure to all kind of books had made a larger impact on him. He read Hindi and Urdu poets. He also got exposed to books which have a magical fantasy in them. This inspired Prasoon Joshi to go much deeper.

5Advertising Career

Prasoon Joshi decided to make his career in advertising and started out with Ogilvy & Mather and for the same he became executive creative           director at the Mumbai office and later he served as executive vice-president and executive chairman at different advertising companies.

6Creating advertising campaigns

Since Prasoon Joshi started working in advertising field, he created advertising campaigns for channels like NDTV India and brands like LG, Saffola and the most famous was the Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola ad that featured Aamir khan.

7The Unique world of Advertising

Prasoon Joshi while working in the ad world had gained much experience. According to Prasoon Joshi, Ad world is a unique world where idea and business work hand in hand. Prasoon Joshi himself was an ideas man and his talent grew in the world.


Prasoon Joshi while writing the script of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag met Milkha Singh many times just to hear his life story again and again but one day he stopped making visits to him and let his creativity flow in the film story and he created some of the best scenes in the film.

9Be proud of your journey and decisions

Prasoon Joshi while he was in school had created more poetries. He was less into studies and more into creativity. He still remembers that and is proud of his journey and decisions he made.


According to Prasoon Joshi, no single role model can be the inspiration of your life journey. People met several people in their life journey and thus there can be many inspirations behind.

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