Life is Good for Good people ! Billy Ray Harris ‘s Story Shows it how !

Life is Good for Good people ! Billy Ray Harris 's Story Shows it how !
Pic: UPTOWN Magazine

Billy Ray Harris is a 55-year-old man was homeless, living  on a street corner in Kansas City,  he held out a cup and asked the passers-by for spare change few months ago. However his life changed one day !

One day Sarah Darling passed Harris at his usual spot and dropped some change into his cup but she also accidentally dropped in her engagement ring. Though he was in need of money , Harris being a good man decided to return the ring to her.

Darling and her husband, Bill Krejci, were overjoyed and as a sign of gratitude decided to launch a  fundraiser and got a very good response . It has since collected more than $187,000.  in just three months. people donated more than $190,000.

Bill has  been able to buy a car and even put money down on a house, which he’s fixing up himself. And the icing on the cake was he was able to happily reunite with his family after 16 years when they saw him on TV! Billy is thankful he could not ask for more !

Life is good for good people !

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