Jonathan Coulton’s Inspiring Story – From Writing Software’s to Using Internet for Drawing Fans


Jonathan Coulton , self-described geek, well known as”JoCo” is an American singer-songwriter.  His songs are about geek culture and he uses Internet to draw fans.  He was a former computer programmer who was employed at Cluen, a New York City software company.  Coulton  writes quirky, witty lyrics about science fiction and technology.

Lets see how he got into becoming a musician

In 2005, he left his software career to pursue music full time.  He took a bold step and kept himself busy by releasing a new song on his website every week for a year in a project called Thing a Week.  Few of songs became a big hit on social media like Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back”, a funny video called “Flickr”, a song called“Code Monkey” and  since then he has been fortunate enough to make his living as a musician.

Music has earned him both money and fame. Today he writes about a lot of geeky stuff some are funny or not so funny or somewhere in between. He is now being compared They Might Be Giants, Barenaked Ladies, to name a few.

Learnings from the Story:

We should be able to identify our passion, take the risk and should have courage to face the consequences.

We must work hard and believe and be determined in following our passion .

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