Interesting Story – When Bipasha Basu went through an operation because of a lie


My resolution for this year was that I’m going to learn to lie. As a liar, I’m so pathetic, people can look at my face and tell. The resolution failed quite miserably. I get caught. When I was a kid, I tried to lie once, and it was a very bad lie I got into.

I was getting ready for my pre-boards. I was a very good student; I used to come first in all sections. I hadn’t prepared very well for my maths exam. And I hated getting low marks – which was going to happen.

So I did something to miss that exam – I fainted. And I did such a good fainting act! My mother and my uncle actually hospitalised me that night. In the hospital I began to realise that this was getting way too serious, it was beyond what I wanted – which was just a one day gap.

Like a budhdhu, I kept holding the right side of my abdomen and faking pain. The doctors said, she seems to have an appendix problem, we need to operate immediately or else it might burst. I then went on and on saying my dad isn’t in town, I won’t have this done in his absence.

I could not believe what was happening. But they forcefully operated on me. I’d done a fabulous fainting job, fell down some steps also, so everyone thought I was in acute pain, plus there was a little inflammation. I went through an appendicitis operation because of that lie!

I couldn’t give any of the exams. I couldn’t walk for days. And I couldn’t tell anyone! I must have told my best friend, told John sometime. But my parents, I finally told them two years back.

I told them the whole story, see, that’s why I don’t lie. My father said, ‘I should have known you’ll be an actress!’ Strange kid I was.

Source: TOI

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