Interesting Story – When Bipasha Basu was petrified of the bikini because she was fat


Nowadays the bikini stories are very funny. Who wore bikini best and who’ll wear bikini next. Amazing stories! I’ve been part of a lot of these bikini stories myself, that’s a different thing. The first time I was asked to wear it, I was petrified, because I was moti.

I told Adi (Aditya Chopra), are you mad? I’m not going to wear it, I’m moti. He said, I’m giving you one year, get fit, because the film is all about being sexy and stylish. I said, one year? Then I can think about it. But my training fixation really began with No Entry.

I was not doing it because the role was that of a bar dancer and so she had to dress a little differently. I was so golu then! I used to only smartly dress to cover myself up and look thin. I was lazy and I was doing 13 films a year and working 18 hours a day.

I told Boney Kapoor and Anil Kapoor, I can’t play a dancer, and I’m motu, why do you want me? And then they made Ramesh Taurani and Mahesh Bhatt and everyone in the industry call me! They offered me any kind of money. And finally, I was convinced.

I told myself, I’m going to gradually lose weight. I started my first basic running regime. When all others were partying, I used to go to the gym. They would sympathise with me. Esha would say to me, chal, chal, tu bhaag. Now Esha sees me and asks, what have you turned into.

Source: TOI

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