Interesting Story- When a Journalist asked Famous Architect Le Corbusier on How He Designs Different House Shapes

Pic: / Wikimedia

Popularly known as Le Corbusier this Charles-Edouard Jeanneret was born in the year 1887 in Switzerland. He was a famous architect plus designer plus painter plus writer who had made a mark in his professional life and was appreciated by many for his superb contributions. It is sensational to mention that Le Corbusier who became French citizen in the year 1930 later did tremendously in the construction of many buildings in places like India, Japan, North America, South America etc.

It is now said that Laurie Baker got the idea of constructing buildings in an unique manner. Factors like client’s personality, local needs plus others like low building cost etc must be considered in the construction of buildings.

When Baker was questioned by a journalist some time back regarding how he was able to design different superb house shapes Baker replied that there are trees here and there and he would not cut the trees and this principle was the reason for different house shapes.

Trees need not be cut unnecessarily for the sake of humans and must be protected.

Moral of the story:

  • Trees play are very important and must not be destroyed at any cost as they play great role in our ecosystem.
  • Thinking differently from others is important and it would be appreciated.

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