Interesting Story – This is how Akshar Patel became Cricketer

Interesting Story – This is how Akshar Patel became Cricketer
Pic: Mazale

Sometime luck plays and important part in our life. Some time we ourselves don’t know what exactly we are going to become and what our targets are.

Here we are sharing interesting story as how Akshar Patel became an accidental cricketer.

He was so bright in studies that till Grade 9 we did not even have to doubt if he would be first in the class. But I was worried for his physical weakness so I enrolled him in a gym. He would come back to me to complain that they would not let him pick the dumb bells.

That’s when he himself came up with this option to play cricket as an alternative to keep him fit. This idea appealed to me and I remember having asked the coaches to drain him out so that he becomes fitter. Perhaps destiny had better things in store for him.

This is what Akshar Patel’s father Rajesh Patel told to India Today during an interview.

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