Inspiring Story: This is how Shiv Khera wrote ‘You Can Win’ Best Seller Motivational Book


Shiv Khera, the Motivational speaker who has started with doing jobs like a car washer, an insurance agent has his life going through until he went in a program by  Dr Norman Vincent Peale and that changed his entire life course. Basically it was the turning point of Shiv Khera’s life and he wrote his much acclaimed book, You Can Win, full of motivation.

Shiv Khera’s book, You Can win has achieved a lot of success and the only reason behind the success is that a lot of people are inspired from the book. The book focuses on achieving the success through personal growth and a positive attitude and the book hit every one.

In an interview to Telegraph, Mr. Shiv Khera said about the beginning of the book:

“The book must have been hidden somewhere in me. I started penning the book in 1992-93 and it took me five years to complete the entire manuscript. But my book comes from a perspective of day-to-day situations that people face. Primarily based on the childhood stories that we have all heard from our parents or guardians. If you notice, those messages stick to our mind for the rest of our life. “

Shiv Khera’s book has motivated a lot of people. The simple thing is that each person becomes an inspiration for the next person and this is what the book attains.


  • There will always be an inspiration hidden inside, you need to find it.
  • Whatever you do will lead to a greater good.
  • Be inspired to do big things.

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