Inspiring Story – This is how Indian Film Actor Bobby Deol realized parent’s pain

Inspiring Story - This is how Indian Film Actor Bobby Deol realized parent’s pain
Pic: Teekhi Mirchi

Parents mostly want their children to be disciplined. Sometime the kids don’t like those limitations put by parents. Kids want freedom to do anything they want. They realize parent’s pain only when they themselves become parents.

Here we are sharing an inspiring story about Hindi film actor Bobby Deol who in his childhood wasn’t much happy because his father had put lot of restrictions on him. But an incident happened which made Bobby Deol realize about the pain every parent go through. He shared this while an interview with TOI.

I used to be a rebel. Until I was 17, I wanted to party and was not allowed to go out. In school, my deadline was 6 that got extended to 9 in college. I couldn’t understand why. I wanted to party and do the regular stupid boy things and would sneak out at night. Abhay and I shared a room. Once when I was back, I looked at Abhay sleeping next to me and realized that even he had snuck out. My mom always told me I was a bad influence on him.

But, as you grow older, you realize that every parent has their insecurity about their child, and you realize that only after you have your own kids. The pain that you thought you got while growing up, becomes all love of your parents towards you. It happened to me as soon as my first son was born. He was unwell and in the ICU for a week. It’s then, when I saw my parents and family, I got my strength. All the hardships and pain your parents go through to bring you up just hits you.

We should respect our parents and do what they advise us to do.

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