Inspiring Story – This is how Choreographer Shiamak Davar brought Revolution through Dance in Bollywood Cinema


Change is always tough. Change is always risky. This is fact that people don’t easily accept the change. You need to be firm and confident to bring change about anything.

Shiamak Davar is a leading Bollywood Choreographer. He came from nowhere and established himself in the industry. Now he is known globally because of his dance and entrepreneurial work.

This is true that Shiamak Davar is the person who brought revolution about Western Dance in Bollywood. It wasn’t an easy job. In one of the interview to WSJ he explained about the whole journey.

Dance, especially the Western form, was completely unheard of in India at the time. I faced a lot of rejection and humiliation based on traditional stereotypes and mindsets as people didn’t accept men as dancers and thought girls who danced would never get married. 

Even when Shah Rukh Khan spoke to me about ‘Dil to Pagal Hai,’ I was very apprehensive as I thought my style was very Western for Bollywood. But on the insistence of Yash Chopra and Mr. Khan and his wife Gauri I went ahead. Little did I know that this film would create a revolution of sorts in Bollywood and change the face of dance in Bollywood cinema. It was definitely an important time for me personally and professionally. 

This is a proof that one should surely try new things.

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