Inspiring Story: Rags to Riches Short Story of Famous Motivational Speaker and Author Shiv Khera

Pic: Wikimedia / Quora

Shiv Khera, the famous Motivational speaker who has win hearts by his book, You Can Win inspiring others to take steps once led a very normal life and had done odd jobs in his life career. Though he belonged to rich family but circumstances soon turned and he came on his own.

Shiv Khera’s family owned coal mines and there was no such thing as the word poor was. Leading a healthy life, the family was going well until mines got nationalized and everything was left in half. This had the impact on Shiv Khera’s life and he took up jobs like a car washer and carried his forward.

In a interview, Shiv Khera said that, “Our family used to own coal mines, but when the mines got nationalized, we were left fending for ourselves on the streets. My sister sponsored my tickets to Toronto and for two years there, I washed cars during the day and in the evenings I used to give demonstration for vacuum cleaners. One day I saw an advertisement of Norman Vincent Peale (author of ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’), but I didn’t have the money to buy the ticket. Somehow I managed it and for the first time I realized that people who get anywhere in life, they take responsibility. From that day, I started reading books too.”

Shiv Khera worked hard and managed a good life of his own and became a motivational speaker and has wrote many motivational books too.


  • Bad stages in life are temporary. There are ways to come out.
  • There are situation when you need to take things on your own.
  • Hard work is the only key to success.

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