Inspiring Story – How Bhumi Pednekar Became an Actress from Assistant Casting Director

Inspiring Story – How Bhumi Pednekar Became an Actress from Assistant Casting Director

Well, our team had to look for overweight girls for this film. Like everyone else, I was excited and we all wanted to find the best girl possible. Then they told me to record a mock audition as a guide for out of town aspirants to know what was expected of them, as a reference. A short while later, they told me the truth — that it was my audition. And I said, “Really!”

But there were some other girls in the running too, and Sharat (Katariya, the writer-director) had doubts whether I, an urban Maharashtrian girl whose Hindi, too, had a Bambaiya twang, could become Sandhya. After many auditions, in which I never got any special treatment, I was finally on. And my first agenda was to prove Sharat wrong and actually become Sandhya in more than just the physical way.

I had workshops with Seema Pahwa, who plays my mother in the film. They were not acting workshops or script readings, but sharing and delving into life’s experiences. I spent time with my extended family outside Mumbai too, and then I was thrown right in the middle of Haridwar, living in the house of one of our line producers, with his wife, mom, sis, niece and kids. I swept the floor, cooked for them, changed his kids’ clothes and also got two facials done in Haridwar’s beauty parlours, which are nothing like ours.

I shopped locally and bought clothes just to feel like a girl from Haridwar, and for some days, I spent time in the real houses that were shown as my husband’s home and my own. I tried to become Sandhya, who was awkward at some things, but like me, courageous and confident about herself and also her weight. It was very important to experience Sandhya’s life. I m not a method actor, but I cannot say what this process was. I would prefer to think that every actor devises the right approach on his own, and that’s the correct one.

Source: India West

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