Inspiring Story: How a Programme by Dr Norman Vincent Peale Changed life of Shiv Khera, World Famous Author and Motivational Speaker

Pic: Wikimedia

Shiv Khera is a renowned motivational speaker, author, business consultant. He is known for his speeches across the globe where he inspires and encourages individuals to realize their true potential. He has authored 14 books including the international bestseller “You Can Win” . This book has been sold over 3. 4 million copies in 21 languages.

Lets see how Shiv Khera kick start his career !

He started his life with  washing cars in Canada , selling life insurance and vacuum cleaners . During this time he got a chance to attend a programme by Dr Norman Vincent Peale, which was the turning point of his life. The program was an inspiration and showed him the way, changing his attitude across all spheres of his life- personal, professional and social life. He started meeting wiser people, became a avid reader , got into informal research.

He wanted to help back society and so worked as a volunteer in the US jail. He started teaching attitude and self-esteem programmes to the corporate world.  He signed Lufthansa as one of his  first clients in 1992 and then it was no looking back !

Learnings from this Story

We need to have positive attitude across all areas of life.

We need to be principled and decide the right course of action while trying various parameters in life.

We must believe in ourselves , be committed and should be ready for change in all circumstances.

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