Inspiring Story about Aarti Sequeira famous Chef – This is how she moved from Media to Cooking

Pic: YouTube

Aarti Sequeira, the lady who made cooking her profession taking a permanent leap from media, journalism. Now she is an Indian Chef and Television personality. Aarti Lucicia Sequeira has won the sixth season of The Next Food Network Star, a reality show. Her story is totally a destiny luck. She previously worked as a CNN News Producer and then she won the food reality show and started her own Aarti Paarti.

Aarti Sequeira from beginning wanted to be a journalist and own a career in the field of media. Following her passion, Aarti took journalism classes and her initial years working started at.

As per Aarti, later her husband noticed that she loved cooking so much and enjoyed it too. He motivated her to participate in a cooking program.

Aarti in a recent interview said that, I always wanted to be a journalist, I went to school to be a journalist and I worked at CNN for a few years and worked on a documentary about Darfur on HBO that was amazing, but there was always something missing.  I didn’t wake up in the morning going “yay! I am going to go do the news!”  But I did wake up going “I can’t wait to make lunch!” When we moved from New York to LA my husband noticed how much I loved food, and how much I enjoyed cooking. He put me in this part time cooking program in the neighborhood and that really taught me how to cook and how to be free from recipe books, and that is when I first started writing my own recipes and blogging. It just kind of went from there! I started doing this online cooking show called Aarti Paarti and from there I applied for The Next Food Network Star and here I am!

Aarti Sequeira did cooking with her whole passion and achieved what she really wanted she actually loved food. She now owns her cooking show.

Moral of the Story

  • Believe in what you actually want to do.
  • Work for the aim you really want to achieve.
  • Be focused and move in the same direction.

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