Inspirational Story – When APJ Abdul Kalam was rejected for the fighter pilot position

APJ Abdul Kalam
Pic: Wikimedia

APJ Abdul Kalam, the former Indian President whose outstanding contributions for India will always be remembered. A scientist at DRDO and ISRO. He was the 11th President of India who was famous as People’s President and after a single term, he returned to his Civilian life of education, writing and Public Service. He owned Bharat Ratna, the highest Civilian Honor. His life and career had many stages. One of them is shared here.

APJ Abdul Kalam in his life was once called by Air Force Academy for the interview of Fighter Pilot. It was not by chance in fact, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam always wanted to be a fighter pilot but could not be one.

Dr. Kalam went to Dehradun for the interview but got rejected as there were only 8 slots available and he secured 9th rank and after being rejected, he took up the work at Directorate of Technical Development and Production (DTDP).

Dr. Kalam wanted to be a fighter pilot but could not be one, instead he didn’t take it as his loss. He took a step ahead and became People’s President.

Lessons to Learn:

Life has many stages, you need to take it as it comes.

There are better things in queue for you, have patience.

There isn’t only one aim, you need to look out for more.

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