Inspirational Stories about Chanakya – The Great Strategist and Philosopher of All Time


The teacher who created and changed the destiny of the whole Maurya Empire. A philosopher and an economist and also acted as a royal advisor, Vishnugupta Chanakya was remembered for his master techniques which made a empire so strong and unbeatable. A pioneer of the Political Science and Economics in India.

Here are ten stories about him.

The mark of Royalty

Chanakya had roped Vedas and politics well. He knew every single bit. He had canine teeth which at that time was believed to a mark of royalty and this generated a fear in his mother’s mind that she soon will be discarded by her son if he became a king and to pacify her, Chanakya broke his teeth.

An ugly appearance

A broken teeth and crooked feet, Chanakya carried an ugly appearance. Once he went to attend a ceremony where he then was thrown out by the king based on his looks. He cursed the king calling his arrest but he escaped in disguise.

The secret technique

Chanakya vowed revenge on the king Dhana Nanda who threw him out of his assembly and after his escape, Chanakya found out a secret technique that allowed him to turn 1 coin into 8 coins and by this he made 800 million gold coins and then began his search for a person who can replace Dhana Nanda.

Pic: National Views

Meeting with Chandragupta

Chanakya’s search led him to a boy called Chandragupta whom Chanakya took by paying a heavy amount to his foster-father, promising to teach him a trade and he found a potential successor in Chandragupta.


Chanakya trained Chandragupta well and attacked the kingdom of Dhana Nanda and planned his strategy well. After conquering all the border villages, Chandragupta attacked the main kingdom on the orders of Chanakya and won.

The Jain Account

In the Jain versions, Chanakya’s birthplace was Chanaka village in Golla and Chanakya was considered to be a native of South India. Born with a full set of teeth, Chanakya was a boy who ultimately was to be king but his father broke his teeth.


Power behind the throne

About Chanakya it was predicted that he will be the person who will be the power behind the throne. As he grew up, he was mocked for being a poor man and this motivated Chanakya to move Patliputra.

The first seat of Kingdom

In another version Chanakya was removed from the first seat of Kingdom when he was thrown out by Nanda from the assembly and he vowed revenge on the king and until the complete destruction of the Nanda, Chanakya didn’t tied his knot.

The Great Planner

Chanakya was considered as great strategist and great planner of all time. He was the person who was aware of every situation and in every circumstance, he knew well what was the out way where he can settle all. He also destroyed many enemies of Chandragupta.

A Great thinker and diplomat

Chanakya is considered as a great thinker and diplomat in India. His own Chanakya niti became the main principles.

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