‘If you took care of the workers, they would take care of the company’ – Inspiring Story about Russi Mody

Pic: Avenue Mail

Rustomji Humosji Mody widely popular as Russi Mody was the leading member of Tata Group who joined the Country’s largest private steelmaker as an office assistant and Russi Mody became the chairman and also the Managing Director of the same Tata Steel. In the whole of Tata Group, Rustomji Humosji Mody aka Russi Mody was known as the leading member whose legends do the rounds of Tata Steel corridors.

Russi Modi was the son of a noted businessman and lawyer who was chairman of Bombay Municipal corporation and a director at Tata Group, Sir Homy Mody. Russi Modi did his higher schooling in England then in London and upon his return, he joined Tata Steel and continue working and reached heights.

During Russi Mody’s tenure as the Chairman and the Managing Director of Tata Steel, the one thing that reached to every person was his unique way of working. Mody’s style of management was based on a simple idea that he being as the MD of the company, he connected with people and found out the hidden talents and that was his biggest ever contribution to the Tata Steel. In every meeting, though Mody had made up his mind but he always have given chances to other people to put forward their views.

In one of the interview someone talked about a very interesting incident about Russi Modi.

Mody was popular with workers; he took good care of them. Mody was visiting a plant in where he was superintendent. “He just visited the workers’ toilets, found them neat, clean and hygienic, patted me on my back, said ‘Well done’, and left. He believed that if you took care of the workers, they would take care of the company. But that did not mean he gave in to all their demands: He knew when and where to draw the line.”

In the presence of Russi Mody, Ratan Tata later came as a successor following which Mody’s limelight got reduced but however, Mody reduced his and Tata’s differences.

Russi Modi was a true man at heart who held no grudges. He was defined as the leader who knew the actual talent within the company and motivated them to do higher. Many from the Tata Steel have reached on high positions only because of Russi Mody.

Moral of the Story

  • Always know your people and nurture the talent.
  • Differences won’t create history, friendship will.
  • Always help other with opportunities and listen to them.

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