‘Dance is for Everyone’ – This is how Choreographer Shiamak Davar Started His Dance Academy

Pic: onedio.co

Shiamak Davar is the well known Indian choreographer, who introduced  contemporary jazz and western forms of dance to India. India’s contemporary dance guru was responsible for modernizing India’s dance scene in film and theatre industries with his very popular “Shiamak Style” of dance. He was the director of choreography for the Commonwealth Games, and has choreographed the dance sequences for the movie Mission Impossible 4.

Lets learn how he started his career:

He started his dances classes in Mumbai about three decades back with only 7 students , 5 were his own family and friends. This was the time when dance was completely unaccepted for men and women. He loved and believed in his passion and worked towards it .

Today his dance movement has spread across India and to Canada, Australia, UAE and UK.  He is planning to start his classes in New York, and soon all over USA. His motto has always been ‘Have Feet. Will Dance’, which confirms his belief that dance is for everyone, without discrimination. He wants to spread the joy of dancing globally.

Lessons to Learn from this Story

Identify your passion and  follow your passion ,work towards and it’s a sure key to success.

Strong passion helps to connect with our goals.

All passion including dancing, an individual  needs to be dedicated, disciplined, committed to work hard, to learn, teach and relearn. We must continuously inspire and be inspired.

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