Completely destroy your enemy or the real problem – Motivational Story of Chanakya

Pic: Jai Guru Dev

Sometime we partially deal with problems. We sometime look for temporary solutions. But the fact is a problem can’t be solved temporarily. Ultimately, it has to be resolved permanently. Here we are sharing very famous story from the life of great philosopher Chanakya which will inspire you to complete your work in totality.

There is a famous incidence from the life times of the early Mauryan kings – A minister for King Nanda (pre-Mauryan) is going through the forest when he sees a brahmin plucking grass out of the ground and plugging the hole with salt. Intrigued, he stops his chariot and asks, “Sir, you seem like a learned brahmin, why are you pulling out grass from their roots and indeed, why are you salting the place ?”

The brahmin stops for but a minute, looks, carries on and replies, “Sir, no job should be too high or too low for a person. I will not ask someone to do something for me if I am not willing to do it myself. This grass is of a certain type, which has very sharp edges and a very sharp point. It hurts my feet when I walk through this glade. My students also have to go through here. I felt that I should clear this route for me and my students.”

The minister, highly impressed by the man’s enterprising spirit, asks “OK, I can understand that you want the grass removed, but why the salt ?” Still pulling out the grass, the brahmin smiles and says, “What is the point of pulling this grass out if only to have it regrow in a few months time ? By salting the earth around this area, I am making sure this grass will never grown here again.” The minister was truly overwhelmed by the man’s far-sightedness and with humbleness due to him asked, “May I know whom I have the pleasure of addressing?” “Chanakya” was the short and succinct reply.

Moral of the Story: If you don’t finish your work in a required manner it will create a problem for you later on. Always look for permanent solution than a temporary solution.

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