Bullet Story of World Famous Unlucky Man Henry Ziegland

Bullet Story of World Famous Unlucky Man Henry Ziegland
Pic: The Silence and the Storm

Luck plays a major role in our life. Here we are sharing story of world’s unluckiest man Henry Ziegland.

Henry Ziegland of Honey Grove, Texas ended his engagement with his girlfriend Isabella Lintz in 1883. In those days when a man ended an engagement it bought shame on a woman. Isabella was heartbroken and committed suicide.

When Isabella’s brother found out what happened he shot Ziegland and then took his own life.

Amazingly Henry Ziegland hadn’t been killed! The bullet had glanced off his head and gone into a nearby tree.

Two years later in 1885, Ziegland told friends that the tree which the bullet had gone into reminded him of the past and he wanted it gone.

He decided to blow the tree up with dynamite. Even though Ziegland stood well back, the explosion sent the bullet into Henry Ziegland’s head, killing him instantly!

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